25 Ways To Use The iPad In The Classroom By Complexity


iPad use in formal learning environments, by all accounts, is soaring.

Due to the almost magical ways it promotes interaction, that makes sense.

But when learners are using the iPad, what are they doing? What exactly?

Oftentimes the novelty of technology can mask the more important reasons for learning, and general cognitive patterns. In response, we created a kind of spectrum moving left to right from passive consumption, to more active collaboration, to original production.

Each activity or task is also paired with a suggested app in bold, though other apps could fill the roles shown.

  • Kathryn Winslow

    I appreciate the information here. It is succinct, easy to assimilate the information, and applies a cognitive pattern, hence creating a springboard for learning apps and concrete ideas how to utilize the apps. It opened my mind to possibilities of assimilating other apps into the classroom.

  • hsmom3

    When I try to pin this I get the following error:
    Parameter ‘image_url’ (value http:///wp-content/uploads/2012/08/ipad-cognitive-spectrum-half.png) is not a valid URL format.

  • Scott Guild

    Would like to share but I, too, get the error message.

    • terryheick

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve had three developers look into the problem, but no luck so far. I’ll keep trying, I promise!

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  • beef

    are the goals for tablets implementation?