60 iPad Productivity Apps For Modern, Mobile Teachers

ipad-productivity-apps-teachthought60 iPad Productivity Apps For Modern, Mobile Teachers

by TeachThought Staff

In the conversation around teacher quality and performance, crucially missing is the notion of time.

Simply put: Teachers. Don’t. Have. Time. To. Do. Their. Jobs. Effectively.

Assessment design. Then administering those assessments.

Grading. Then entering those grades.

Data extraction. Then modifying planned instruction based on data results.

Which is what planning periods are for, yes? Assuming you get one. And then there are the meetings, good gracious, the meetings–staff meetings, committee meetings, professional learning community meetings, data team meetings, extracurricular team meetings, informal meetings, parent meetings, pre-observation meetings, post-observation meetings.

But technology may be able to help. This list, for example. We’ve offered ideas in the past to help teachers save time, but those can only do so much. As can these apps, but every little bit helps, yes? Your workload, grade level, school climate, personal organizational habits–even beliefs about what a teacher is supposed to be and do all matter more than an app, but if you’re mobile and connected, you at least have a chance.

From RSS readers to social readers to to-do lists to calendar apps to note-taking and cloud-based document editing and more, this list has to have something that can improve the efficiency of what you do.

Assuming you have an iPad.

60 iPad Productivity Apps For Modern, Mobile Teachers; 60 iPad Productivity Apps For Modern, Mobile Teachers

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  • Thanks Michael. I can’t believe how many of these I have never heard of! Time to check a few apps out! Surprised that Feedly doesn’t make the list; I haven’t had to look up news for months as the news I want now comes to me! A definite lifesaver time-wise.

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