App Spotlight: 5 Elementary & Middle Learning Apps by iTooch


by Michel Galibert, Edupad

At iTooch, we are interested in supporting mobile learning in the elementary and middle school classrooms.

Using the extraordinarily popular iPad as our foundation, we have developed 11 educational apps for grades K-8, with a specific focus on reading, writing, and mathematics, including:

iTooch Elementary School (various)

iTooch 3rd Grade (various)

iTooch 5th Grade Language Arts

iTooch 6th Grade Language Arts

iTooch 6th Grade Math


In all of our apps, we have focused on both content and engagement, including systems for both gamification and social competition. For example, features of our 6th grade ELA app include:

-5 content areas: Reading, Writing and Composition, Grammar, Vocabulary Booster, Communication

-50 chapters per title with lessons, examples, and figures

-1,594 questions per title with clues and detailed explanations

-82 original pictures

-Apple Game Center integration with more than 35 unique achievements to unlock

-An embedded calculator to make complex calculations

-A virtual blackboard that enables players to draw drafts and figures

-A lesson summary attached to each chapter

-In-app feedback to send suggestion to the author of the content straight into the app

This is a contributed post from iTooch