What is TeachThought?

TeachThought is an idea: social improvement through innovation in education. We do this in part by supporting and growing teachers in the classroom.

More broadly, however, our mission is to provide a fuller spectrum of support from abstract to concrete: thought leadership, learning models and frameworks, courses and professional development, research and technology, tools and strategies, curricula and curriculum frameworks, and more.



We are fortunate to have developed trust with educators and education professionals worldwide since 2012. Here is what just a few of them are saying about us!

Bena Kallick

“TeachThought is an incredible resource for practitioners.  Terry Heick has an amazing knack of taking complex ideas and making them easily understood without losing their integrity. The graphic representations often serve as a distilled reminder of how, when designing lessons, to encourage student thinking. I appreciate the work that he and his team are doing to continue to keep students at the center!”

Ron Lockhart

“Excellent training. (You helped build) confidence in teachers to further become facilitators of student learning!”

Nilofar Hassanzadeh

“TeachThought has mastered conquering the duality of (teaching). The main division of paths is the route to development of teachers and the development of the material and technology itself. You have been able to create a well-structured feedback loop of learning that serves as a bridge between the two worlds. One that is rich with the necessary points of learning from child psychology to direct strategy.”

Phillip Ellis

“(TeachThought) really changed my perspective on what I should be teaching through my content.”

The Inherent Abstraction Of Our Work

I founded TeachThought in 2010. Our mission is to promote innovation in education through the growth of strong, innovative teachers. This is only a means to an end, however.

While promoting a rational society that tends towards interdependence, affection, and critical thinking is part of our work, our most immediate concern is the growth of happy, healthy children.

A goal that broad requires a range of approaches and I’ll do my best to communicate them more effectively so that you can understand how you can be a part of it–and how it can help you grow, too.

Feel free to reach out and say hello or ask any questions. You can read more about me–and find a lot of my writing–if you find that useful by visiting About Terry Heick.

Still have questions? Contact us.