About Terry Heick

Terry Heick is founder/director at teachthought.

Terry is specifically curious about inquiry, thought, the critical shifts of future learning, student-centered learning, emerging technology, innovative teaching and learning models, and the modern knowledge demands in a connected world.

As an adviser, he helps schools, districts, start-ups, and tech developers navigate the dynamic and often misunderstood ecology of progressive teaching and learning. By helping these ‘pieces’ understand how one another functions (in the classroom and beyond), he is able to provide a comprehensive view of existing context, and future possibility. He serves on the advisory board for the Skool Project Documentary.

Among his most recent work was a digital citizenship project with the White House, as well as various projects with Pearson, Institute for Habits of Mind, ASCD, edutopia,  Adobe, Pixowl, and consulting for various conferences, curriculum developers, digital platforms, schools, and districts.

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