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The New Periodic Table Song (In Order)

new-periodic-table-songThe New Periodic Table Song In Order (To Make You And Your Students Crazy)

by TeachThought Staff

There once was periodic table song whose frenzied pace and extraordinary organization made it seemingly irreplaceable–a classic among classics. There was no need for another.

But in an answer to a question no one asked, the good folks at asapSCIENCE have gone back to the well and produced another stunner sure to take up space on the smartphones of all the cool kids, banging rhythmically out of Beats headphones all over school.

This version has the elements in order, and even includes interjections that clarify how the periodic table itself is organized. Here is the version with lyrics, and here is a version that has been slowed down.

If you’ve used any version of the periodic table song, let us know how in the comments. Sharing is caring.

The New Periodic Table Song (In Order)