100 Of The Best Educational Games For iPad

by TeachThought Staff

For some reason, educational games are getting an increasingly bad rap.

Educators are questioning their merits on social media. Studies are popping up saying they don’t help. Psychologists are cautioning parents about impact on attention span.

Part of this could be over-inflated expectations. If we expect a game to teach children anything other than what that games simulates, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment.

And if we use them as babysitters–and then soothe ourselves by downloading literacy apps–we’ve also got a problem.

But if you’re using educational games as a part of an intentionally-designed, open-ended, or even self-directed learning experience, then they suddenly make more sense. And the following list–100 Of The Best Educational Games For iPad–is a great place to get started.

Just know what the app “teaches,” and what it doesn’t.

100 Of The Best Educational Games For iPad