Apps To Turn Your Students Into Makers

These Apps Can Help Turn Your Students Into Makers

The Maker Movement is one of creativity and invention. Of Do-It-Yourself ingenuity. Of making things with your own hands.

Building something from scratch can shift a lesson from a lecture into an experience. Students can play, diverge, tinker, make mistakes, help each other, and express themselves with the appropriate guidance of a teacher/facilitator. The end result can be anywhere from an honest try to a creative wonder.

What tools do you use to help your students become makers?

10 Of The Best Maker Learning Apps For Your Classroom

1. DIY

Developer’s Description: It’s all about learning by doing! Get to it with live workshops, exciting courses, shows, and how-to videos.

2. Alight Motion

Developer’s Description: Alight Motion is the first professional motion design app to bring you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more!

3. Hopscotch

Developer’s Description: With Hopscotch, kids can learn to think, improve their creativity and develop problem-solving skills while having fun creating and playing games on iPad and iPhone.

4. Makey Makey

Developer’s Description: If your students are new to Makey Makey, it is a fun and extremely accessible tool for all ages. This wacky invention kit was created by two MIT students with a passion for hacking keyboards and playing musical fruit. 

5. Video Star

Developer’s Description: Video Star is a great video and photo editor for star video and photo editing, and video creation. Video Star makes it easy to create stunning videos and beautiful photos.

6. Phonto

Our Description: Phonto is an app that allows you to edit and add text to photos. With over 200 fonts and unique text effects, this app is different than other apps and often better.

7. EverythingMachine

Developer’s Description: Make anything you can imagine–create something as simple as a light switch or as complex as a kaleidoscope, a voice disguiser, a stop-motion camera, or a cookie thief catcher.

8. Pineapple

Developer’s Description: Pineapple is a great new way to build a no-code web application or website. In no time. For a fraction of the cost.

9. Motion Ninja

Developer’s Description: Motion Ninja is a FREE Video Effects & Motion Design Editor APP for both professionals and amateurs. Enable you to easily create the pro-quality animation and visual effect. You can also create fan edits with 3D animation and smooth slow motion or velocity editing.

10. Animatic

Developer’s Description: Animatic is a fun way to create flip book-like animations on your device.