The 12 Best Tools For Making Classroom Posters

best tools for designing classroom posters

What Are The Best Tools For Making Classroom Posters?

Need to create a poster for your classroom? There are a number of websites and mobile apps you can use to help you craft something beautiful and informative.

Included here are tools for finding & creating infographics, such as Vengage and Infogram, apps for making collages, such as PicCollage and Canva, and services that put everything all together, such as Piktochart and Glogster.

What websites and mobile apps do you use for creating posters for your classroom?

The 12 Best Tools for Making Classroom Posters


Befunky is a useful tool for designing posters, collages, and other images. Their templates feature great contrast with bold colors and exciting font options, and it’s easy to drag and drop desired elements from the library to the digital canvas.


First, identify your poster size: 18 x 24 in., 24 x 36 in., or 42 x 59.4 cm. Next, choose your style — are you going for simple and minimalist? Bold and colorful? Cartoonish or classic? Canva offers over 18,500 poster templates for users to select from and easily adjust; otherwise, users are welcome to build their own posters from scratch and add objects and elements from a library of tens of thousands of images and graphics. Change the color, size, location, and animation of objects and fonts, then download as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG format.

Create exciting infographics easily with…! Templates are divided into timelines, reports, processes, resumes, and comparisons. Students or teachers can pick from hundreds of infographic templates, customize them with various icons, images, illustrations, and charts, then share them with peers.


It’s easy to create multimedia posters on Glogster, one of the best classroom poster design sites on this list. Users can search the Glogpedia Content Library of over 40,000 high-quality ‘glogs’ from all around the world. Education templates are divided by grade levels and school subjects, such as world languages, health & fitness, and arts & music.


We love the way Infogram categorizes its poster options — from about me pages, campaign posters, research posters, and motivational posters, to scientific posters, invitations, and growth mindset posters, there is something for everyone. Infogram also offers options for creating infographics, reports, slides, maps, virtual backgrounds, and social media posts.


One of the best tools for creating collage posters, the PicCollage app is available on Apple or Google Play . It offers free templates or freestyle mode, grids to arrange photos quickly, stickers to decorate the collages, thousands of backgrounds, and doodle capabilities.


Piktochart enables users to tell visual stories using posters, presentations, prints, reports, and infographics. Their free poster-maker offers thousands of templates that users can customize with various design components, backgrounds, text overlays, illustrations, and frames.


Choose from templates featuring movies, people, business, education, covers, or events — Posterini is a great tool for sharing announcements or events, highlighting authors or historical figures, advertising course offerings, and more.

Poster My Wall

Customize over 89,000 poster templates to create beautiful posters to promote events, motivational quotes or figures, visual data, and more with PosterMyWall. In addition to poster templates, PosterMyWall also offers templates for brochures, schedules, concept maps, teaching aids, newsletters, and social media graphics — all great for student projects!

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With a free Smore account, it’s easy to design posters, newsletters, and interactive lessons for remote learning. Ready-made templates are available for weekly updates, presentations, events, announcements, assignments, and more.


ThingLink is ideal for creating digital posters — it allows students to augment images, videos, and even virtual tours with extra information and hyperlinks. If you’re looking for more features, a Premium Teacher License costs $35/year and includes access for up to 60 students. In addition to all the free poster creation and editing features, account users receive unlimited image and video publishing and collaborative editing capabilities.


This free infographic maker also offers templates for presentations, reports, diagrams, charts, mind maps, collages, schedules, and more! When determining how to visualize data, users can choose from infographics that show comparisons, highlight statistics, display data in fun ways, illustrate processes, list items, visualize timelines, and various other options.