Mobile Learning Apps Review: Decimals Addition


App Review: Decimals: Addition by Mango Learning, Inc.

Audience: Math teacher/students grade 5-9

Platform: iOS (iTunes Store)

Last Updated: November 26, 2012

Cost: $2.99

Ideal For: Engaging, self-guided practice of basic decimal principals

Key Details: Eastern and Western approaches to math; clear use of pre-assessment; 3 games; trophies; local leaderboard; personalization options

Rating: 8.5/10

Strengths: Clear use of pre-assessment in lieu of generic “difficulty levels”; instant data and progress reporting; diversity of learning approaches, from gamified elements to repetition-based practice, engaging graphics

Still Developing: Fast pace and general lack of user engagement in instructional videos; gameplay elements that aren’t immediately intuitive; “Home” area hotspots not entirely clear; minor typos/editing issues

Other: It might make sense for the developer to be a tad less “niche” in their approach, perhaps combining fractions and decimals, addition and subtraction, or other overlapping mathematical concepts to keep the learning compact and affordable for users

Overall: An easy-to-use, game-based math app for decimals that can be used in a classroom, homeschooling, or tutoring setting


3 Things You Need To Know About Decimals: Addition by Mango Learning, Inc.

1. It uses both Eastern and Western Mathematical approaches

Easily the most interesting part of this app is the opportunity to learn via Eastern and Western mathematical approaches. Both styles are modeled in the instructional videos (albeit at a fast pace), offering something truly unique to set this app apart from the scores of other apps crowding the app store.

2. It incorporates pre-assessment

Upon starting we were immediately greeted by a short pre-test, which we’re assuming adjusted the difficulty level for us based on our performance.  Anytime actual user performance personalizes future content is a good thing.

3. There are three games included

For the purpose of game-based practice there are three different games included, all offering timed, repetition-based practice of adding decimals and whole numbers.

Other Details: data reporting, progress monitoring, most sections can be a little long at 20 questions (a setting to reduce this would be nice)

From the Publisher: A game designed for students from Grades Five to Eight, “Decimals: Addition” teaches concepts of addition of decimals through an entertaining and visually appealing format. It incorporates the standards and curriculum prescribed by the Common Core and other International Standards. The game teaches the concepts of addition of decimals to kids through various audio visual tutorials, math based games and interactive tests. Its evaluative features help teachers and parents gauge students’ progress through the topic. The concepts are delivered to students using both Western and Eastern teaching methodologies. “Decimals: Addition” makes learning and teaching both collaborative and a lot of fun at the same time.

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