The Simplest Way To Take A Screenshot On An iPad

Taking a screenshot with an iPad comes in handy more than you might think as you integrate Apple’s latest technology in the classroom.

Whether you’re walking students through the installation of an app, the configuration of a program, or simply capturing annotated screenshots for your flipped classroom, it boils down to a few simple steps. There are a variety of apps that can help here, but the simplest mechanism for turning the iPad’s screen’s display into a still image is to hit two little buttons.

How To Take A Screenshot On An iPad The Easy Way

1. Verify the image, webpage, or other visual media you’re hoping to capture is fully displayed.

2. Simultaneously press the power and home button.

3. Check your Photos “Camera Roll” for the correct images and their quality, accuracy, etc.

4. Share your images however you’d prefer by selecting the image and pressing the “share” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Image attribution flickr user johanlarson; The Simplest Way To Take A Screenshot On An iPad