What Are The Most Important Classes? 12 Content Areas Ranked For Their Perceived Value

What do students think of your class? Not you or how you teach it, but the content area itself?

The utility of various content areas is an understudied idea. We constantly think of how to improve the teaching and learning of the Humanities, Math, Science, and Social Studies, but we rarely ask why Humanities, why Math, why Science, and why Social Studies.

The infographic below doesn’t question their respective utility either, but it does offer a glimpse into what students might think about your class–or rather, your content area.

Interestingly enough, Math is far and away seen as the most valuable content area, with 34% of students answering that it has been the most valuable class they’ve taken. Though this a problem of both self-awareness and “branding” as much as it is actual utility, perception is reality for the masses.

And below is the perception–at least according to this graphic. Two tidbits–English/Lit/Reading has fallen 24% since 2002, while Math is unchanged during same period. And Geography is more than Foreign Language and Theology combined.


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Graphic attribution Rasmussen College; 12 Content Areas Ranked For Their Perceived Value