25 Of The Best iPad Apps To Promote Creativity In Students


creativity-apps-promote-creative-workflow-in-students25 Of The Best iPad Apps To Promote Creativity In Students

This content was commissioned by Drawp, a professional-grade artistic app that promotes a simple creative workflow between students and teachers. 

Nailing down exactly what promotes creativity isn’t easy, if for no other reason than creativity looks different depending on what you’re talking about:



Social interactions?

But fundamentally-speaking, among the factors that promote creativity are collaboration, modeling, dynamic tools, and confidence.

Tablets and smartphones feature some design elements that inherently promote creativity as well, including elegant touch-interfaces, a personal screen, and available connectivity with other apps and devices.

When you combine these mobile devices with apps that promote creativity as well, and you’ve got a powerful combination that–in the right workflow–can produce some spectacular results.

Workflow Matters

In the creative process, workflow matters.

Choosing when to expose a student to a new model to collaboration opportunity–or if to provide a rubric or scoring guide–can greatly impact the end result.

The same with how the assignment is “given,” if the students have voice and choice, where the product might be published, how easily it is to share drafts of work, how easy it is to provide helpful feedback (versus superficial commentary), and so on, all can factor into the creativity in  project or product.

The following iPad apps were all selected for their media format, interface, accessibility, collaborative potential, or workflow-friendly design.

And note, most are based on visuals–video, painting, etc.–but some are productivity-based, and many feature intentional elements designed to socialize thinking, brainstorm collaboratively, and easily share drafts with peers, teachers, and others.

25 Of The Best iPad Apps To Promote Creativity In Students

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  • joinpa

    I like Scoot & Doodle on G+ Hangouts and love their new app with one-to-one realtime video collaboration, Scoodle Jam in App Store. It fosters creativity, communication and collaboration with a realtime whiteboard where students can work together on homework and class projects. http://www.scootdoodle.com

  • rene pardo

    BallMagik.com has got to be one of the best IPAD apps to foster creativity. A 1 year old will laugh at pictures taken of himself (or his toes) and the associated graphics and animations/motion graphics..a 13 year old can create puzzles, games using the invisible features for balls, lines and worm holes, teleporting balls and graphics. http://www.renepardo.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rene-pardo/62/5a9/a03

  • Skwanski

    One really great one you missed is Ball Magik https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/id812366888?mt=8
    The possibilities of this app are endless.

    • Rene


  • abbas jack

    You missed files-finder edition to add in your this amazing list of useful apps.

  • edukids

    This is a nice educational game which will help kids to learn how different objects can be put together.


    This is digitization of an age old Chinese puzzle game which mesmerized puzzle lovers for years.

  • Lukáš Tůma

    For creative brainstorming I also used Analogram ios application. This is a simple tool that makes use of both the right and left side of the brain. It is suitable for brainstorming, problem solving, Memorizing, learning, interpretation of the concept, language learning, presentation etc.. Analogram trains memory and adds a new dimension to your express, I highly recommend it.

  • Trevor Pogue

    Here is a creative app that lets you make and share your own apps.