Zulip: An Open-Source Collaboration Platform

by TeachThought Staff

What is Zulip?

Zulip is an open-source team collaboration and communication platform. 

It provides a unique twist on traditional chat applications by organizing conversations into topical threads, making it easier to follow and participate in discussions. Zulip aims to enhance productivity and streamline team communication by allowing users to prioritize and engage in specific topics of interest.

In Zulip, users can create public or private chat streams where team members can discuss various topics. Each stream consists of threaded conversations, enabling users to have focused discussions within specific threads. This structure helps in reducing clutter and improves the overall organization of conversations.

Consider the following features:


You’re able to self-host Zulip or use the cloud version, unlike other team chat software. 

Topic-based threading

Threading is one of Zulips most powerful features. Threading allows for organized and easy-to-follow conversations with multiple topics, reducing clutter and making it easier to find specific information. 

It also enables users to participate in several discussions at once without getting overwhelmed and to resolve topics when they are completed, streamlining communication within a team or organization.

Real-time and asynchronous messaging

Zulip supports both real-time chat and asynchronous messaging, making it suitable for both synchronous and remote team collaboration.

Flexibility and data control

Zulip offers flexible authentication options, guest access, and the ability to export data to an on-premises installation at any time, giving you complete control over your organization’s data.

Cross-platform compatibility

Zulip is available as a web application, desktop application, and mobile app, ensuring that team members can access their conversations from various devices.


Zulip has over 90 native integrations and 100 more available through Zapier and IFTTT. Users can also build their own integration through Zapier’s API. 

Search and message history

Zulip provides robust search capabilities, allowing users to easily find past conversations, files, and information shared within the platform.

Featured image attribution flickr user waag [CC Licensing]