Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs For 21st Century Students

Global Digital Citizen Foundation combines both Bloom’s Taxonomy and power verbs for lesson & assessment planning in this graphic.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs For 21st Century Students

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs: A Collection For 21st Century Students

by TeachThought Staff

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a powerful tool to frame teaching and learning.

In one model is a framework that not only lays out for teachers the kinds of thinking that we, as humans, tend towards, but also provides a kind of hierarchy that etches out the possible progression of that thinking. If we can remember, we can begin to understand. Understanding allows us to apply what we know, which enables us to make judgments on the utility of that knowledge, and even our own mastery of it.

Global Digital Citizen Foundation created the following graphic that helpfully combines both Bloom’s Taxonomy (which, the graphic explains, was created by Andrew Churches) with power verbs useful for lesson planning, assessment design, and the general planning of learning experiences that are based on thinking and complexity.

We’ve previously shared a post on evaluating digital tasks using Bloom’s taxonomy, as well as an almost overwhelming list of Bloom’s power verbs as well. This graphic doesn’t add much to these posts but it does capture both in one wonderful image.