Intagible Services

Service providers participate in an economy without the restrictions of carrying inventory or the need to concern themselves with bulky raw materials. Furthermore, their investment in expertise does require consistent service marketing.

Delivery Services

Service such as labor is performed the buyer does not take exclusive ownership of that, unless agreed upon by buyer and seller. The benefits of such a service are held to be self-evident in the buyer’s willingness to pay for it.

Custom Services

One of the most important characteristics of services is the participation of the customer in the service delivery process. A customer has the opportunity to get the services modified according to specific requirement.

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National Science Foundation Kicks Off Annual ‘STEM For All’ Video Showcase

National Science Foundation Kicks Off 3rd Annual STEM For All Online Video Showcase

by TeachThought Staff

On Monday, May 15, the National Science Foundation (NSF) kicks off its third annual STEM for All online video showcase. Through Monday, May 22

Through Monday, May 22nd, the public can go to view 171 federally funded initiatives that improve STEM teaching and learning in formal and informal environments. The videos highlight initiatives for students of all ages, from kindergarten through graduate school.

Viewers can easily search by keywords for the types of projects that most interest them. They can leave comments and vote for their favorites.

One thing that makes the STEM for All Video Showcase different is that it serves to replace academic poster halls by leveraging a technology platform (developed by TERC, a STEM-focused education research nonprofit based in Cambridge, MA). People can post comments and interact with presenters (through May 22nd), and vote for the presentations that most interest them.

Presenters get the opportunity to get feedback from a larger audience than they could hope to interact with in person at a traditional poster hall session. Last year’s STEM for All Video Showcase is still being accessed and to date, it has had over 40,000 unique visitors from 174 countries.

Access to the site, which opens on Monday, is free.

Public Votes for the Future of Science

WHO: STEM for All 2017 Video Showcase, created by TERC, and funded by the National Science Foundation featuring 171 federally funded initiatives to improve STEM teaching and learning in formal and informal environments.

GOAL: To enable leaders of the field to learn from each other’s work while sharing and receiving feedback from practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and the public at large.


WHEN: May 15th – May 22nd, 2017. All votes must be in by 8 PM EDT on Monday, May 22nd


  • Online Video Showcase and Online Voting for 171 STEM education projects described in three-minute videos; open and free to the public.
  • Videos feature all ongoing work in 36 states as well as some international efforts.
  • Innovative work broadening participation and access to high-quality STEM experiences.
  • 2017 theme is Research & Design for Impact.
  • Video access by keywords, age, grade, state, audience type, funding agency, and presenter name.
  • Researchers, practitioners, administrators, policy makers and the public view the videos, interact with each of the presenters online, and vote for their favorites.
  • All votes must be in by 8 PM EDT on Monday, May 22nd. URL for 2017 NSF 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase: (
  • Topics covered: A wide range of educational topics including math, science, engineering, computer science, computational thinking, standards, workforce development, broadening participation and professional development of teachers.
  • Grade levels: The presentations highlight initiatives for students of all ages (kindergarten through graduate school).
  • The 2016 STEM for All videos and discourse that occurred is still accessible online, and to date has generated more than 40,000 unique visitors from 174 countries.
  • TERC: An independent research-based organization dedicated to engaging and inspiring all students through stimulating curricula and programs designed to develop the knowledge and skills they need to ask questions, solve problems, and expand their opportunities. TERC designs, developed and built the video showcase platform.

Program Funding

The NSF 2017 “STEM for All” Video Showcase is a collaborative effort of the following NSF resource centers: MSPnet, CADRE, CAISE, CIRCL, STELAR, CS10 for all teachers. It is funded by the National Science Foundation (#1642187). All opinions expressed on the showcase are those of the presenters and not necessarily those of the NSF.



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