15 Self-Guided Reading Responses For Non-Fiction Texts

self-guided reading responses

Self-Guided Reading Responses For Non-Fiction Texts

by TeachThought Curricula

Critical literacy begins in being able to decode a text and then analyze it for meaning, implicit and explicit themes, and the relationship of a text to a given perspective, author’s purpose, and related text and media.

Critical literacy is about a text and the motives of the people behind the text, and understanding how what we read and consume affects us. It requires us to become critical readers — to think ‘What am I consuming, and what might I do as a result’?

The prompts appear on the image below. If you’d like to download actual cards to use in the classroom (see the image above for an example), we’ve created a curricula set you can download here.

Content Area: English-Language Arts, Literature, Writing

Grade Level: High School/Grades 8-12

self-guided reading responses

Curricula Format

If you’d like to purchase printable reading response cards to use in the classroom, you can do so at our recently-created-and-quickly-growing TeachersPayTeachers Store.

You can find the direct link to the non-fiction reading responses curricula here.

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Curricula Details

The included cards provide questions that encourage critical reading of fiction and non-fiction works, with question list variations offered to emphasize keywords. You can use as:

*writing prompts for reading journals
*have students choose a number for independent reading
*use as discussion prompts or as exit slips
*create assessments around them

Self-guided reading responses for nonfiction texts