A Conversion Chart For Reading Level Measurement Tools

by TeachThought Staff

If you’ve used AR (Accelerated Reader) as a reading motivation tool to set goals and track progress, you’re undoubtedly aware of its ability to assess general reading levels as well.

The problem is, measuring reading level is really outside of its sweet spot as a learning tool, with better resources available from DRA, DIBELS, Lexile, Reading Recovery, and Rigby, among others. There is also the issue of availability, with most schools only using one or two of these tools, and primarily in early elementary school. But what happens if you need to convert a general level from one program to another?

The chart below, which we happened upon recently while Googling, was created to enable teachers to do just that. Reading level measurements aren’t perfect, and neither, then, is this chart, but as long as you don’t consider this chart infallible–and you work with literacy in some way, shape, or form–it should come in handy.

And if you know the source of the chart, let us know so we can attribute it properly.


A Conversion Chart For Reading Level Measurement Tools