25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2018

25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2018

by TeachThought Staff

Ed note: Though the list was curated entirely by editors at TeachThought, the post was sponsored by zapzapmath

Zapzapmath is a game-based approach to learning math for K-5/ Elementary. It comes with a web dashboard that gives parents and teachers the opportunity to oversee each child’s progress individually.

It also has over 150 math lessons to practice, with a fully developed comprehensive curriculum and a syllabus has been designed to incorporate Higher-Order Thinking Skills in the fields of creation, evaluation, and analysis. All of this combined into a game-based ecosystem of fun math learning for preschool, kindergarten and elementary students.

Because of the skill-based nature of mathematics in general, math resources pair especially well with digital tools like apps and websites.

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On these kinds of platforms, accounts can be created, progress can be visualized, mastery can be documented, complexity can be adjusted to individual needs, and achievements can even be given as a kind of motivation mechanic.

Year to year, the best math resources tend to stay the same, with large platforms like the Kahn Academy being supplemented by well-designed apps like Quizlet and Math Agent.

But each year, a handful of new math apps, websites, and other resources emerge to be useful for elementary school, middle school, high school, homeschooling, and college-prep practice.

Below, we’ve gathered 25 of the top math resources for 2018–a mix of established and all-new tools to support the building of math skills and the grasp of important mathematical concepts.

25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2018

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25 Of The Best Math Resources For 2018

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