An App To Create Reading Playlists & Multimedia Mixes


An App To Create Reading Playlists & Multimedia Mixes

From a press release

MILL VALLEY, CA – September 16, 2016 – SmartFeed, the tool that help parents manage their kids’ digital media consumption, announced today that it has released version 1.0 of its web app, with an IOS app to follow this fall.

SmartFeed does all the heavy lifting and research consolidation to make it easy for parents to find and offer up inspiring, engaging media and always have great content at the ready. With more than 30,000 titles – including movies, TV shows, apps, games and books – which are tagged and categorized with 300+ topic tags, parents can easily create customized playlists for kids based on their interests, academic needs and character values.

“Media’s role in our kids’ lives is almost as influential as another parent in the house — yet it’s often totally unsupervised,” said SmartFeed founder and CEO, Linsly Donnelly. “We’re offering parents newfound control over what their kids watch, play and share, to ensure it is what’s right for them and for their household.

“We know parents want to manage the onslaught of media shaping their kids’ perspectives. But, the barrage of new titles and platforms make it stressful and often a source of conflict between kids and parents. Kids’ are on screens – that trend isn’t changing. As parents – teachers – librarians and anyone vested in supporting kids’ mindsets in the years ahead – we want to make surfacing great media – that kids’ will enjoy – easy. Think of us as the best way to have healthy media stocked on your – digital – shelves when screen time is right for your kids”.

SmartFeed offers parents a one-stop-shop – across media formats (Movies, TV shows, Apps and Books) and sources (Netflix, Xfinity, Amazon, Apple TV and Google Play) with leading editorial expert reviews available – to find great kids’ media solutions.


An App To Create Reading Playlists & Multimedia Mixes

The SmartFeed web app has three key features:

  1. My Feed: Once you’ve set up a child profile, you can check “My Feed” to find customized content recommendations that map to the parameters you’ve set. You can learn all about recommended titles here, see how they rate on quality, age, and positive messages, and even link out to external review sources to dive deeper. You can quickly update or change filters and sort by media provider (Netflix, Xfinity, Amazon, Apple and Google Play) to avoid the frustration of finally deciding on a movie and realizing you can’t access it from your TV.
  1. My Library: You can save titles from your Feed to your Library, where they live in lists that you can reference – or share with other parents / caregivers – whenever you want to quickly serve up something your kids will enjoy. You can customize and create any kind of list – from a “Family Movie” list with movies your entire family will enjoy together to “Apps for Road Trips” for your 5-year old or “Books for Summer Reading” for your 12-year old, and much more. More than 50 of our own “Staff Picks” offer dozens of pre-selected lists you can quickly surface and save to your family libraries.
  1. My Community: Since word-of-mouth is an incredibly powerful tool, we’re connecting parents with each other through the community features.  Here’s where you can find and share content with like-minded parents, or those who have kids similar to yours. Need ongoing easy answers? Connect with a personal curator whose filters match your priorities. Your curator can set up playlists and profiles for you, make kids’ media easy and stress free.

In addition to the web app, available now, SmartFeed’s iOS app is scheduled to be available on Apple smartphones by the end of the year, with the Android app following soon after.

“We know that quick access from your phone is essential for parents,” said Donnelly. “While the current web app functions well in a mobile environment, we think the mobile App is going to be an incredible asset for parents who are constantly trying to stay on top of kids’ media consumption on the go.”

An App To Create Reading Playlists & Multimedia Mixes