The ABCs Of Digital Citizenship

Here are the ABCs of digital citizenship, framed in an alpha blocks format. We’ve bolded those that focused on actions of the students.


The ABCs of Digital Citizenship 

by TeachThought Staff

In thinking recently of all of the different strands of digital citizenship–human, legal, media-based, technological, and so on–it occurred to me that citizenship online was really not much different than citizenship in person.

That is, it’s complicated.

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Usually, conversations around digital citizenship are limited to its most visible parts–cyberbullying, identity theft, drama, etc. But as the list below shows, digital citizenship is about mass human interaction and socialization of almost everything. That makes it a comprehensive topic too easily squeezed down into a simple 4 or 5-letter acronym or phrase.

Below is a kind of brainstorm of many of the components of digital citizenship, framed in an alpha blocks format. I used bold font for those that focused on the actions of the students, while the other terms are there for context.

Big ideas include membership, self-awareness, and permanence. Let me know in the comments section what else we can add.

26 Bits & Pieces Of Digital Citizenship 

  1. Access, Actuate, Anonymous, Accumulate, Addiction, Ambiguity, Awareness
  2. Behavior, Broadband, Balance, Blogging
  3. Cite, Contribute, Credit, Community, Courtesy, Creative Commons, Connect, Curate, Curiosity, Click
  4. Distraction, Disagree, Drama, Digital, Data
  5. Ecology, Ethical, Equity
  6. Friendship, Fair Use, Footprint, Facebook
  7. Global, Google, Gadget, Gamify
  8. Habits, Honest, #hashtags, Hack, Hate Groups
  9. Introvert, IP address, Identity, Identify
  10. Juvenile, Judgmental, Join
  11. Knowledge, Kindness, Keep
  12. Literacy, Legal, License, Lurking, Log-In
  13. Mutual, Modesty, Membership, Media, Mash, Meme
  14. Network, Node, Navigate, Nigerian Prince
  15. Ourselves, Ownership, Observe, Offend
  16. Propriety, Publish, Purpose, Parenting, Permanent, Perspective, Phishing, Plagiarize, Password
  17. Question, Quora
  18. Respect, Research, Relate, Reddit, Remix
  19. Self-Monitor, Stewardship, Snapchat, Share, Save, Safety, Sarcasm, Superficial, Spam
  20. Time-Management, Tweet, Text, Transparency
  21. Understand, Use
  22. Visible, Value, Voice
  23. Whimsy, Wait, We, Wikipedia
  24. Xtra-certain
  25. Yourself, YouTube, Youth
  26. Zero-tolerance for bullying

The ABCs of Digital Citizenship