A Camera Strapped To An Eagle Is Predictably Breathtaking

A Camera Strapped To An Eagle Is Predictably Breathtaking

What happens when you strap a camera to the back of an eagle is predictably breathtaking.

As others have pointed out, getting the camera back is another matter.

A Camera Strapped To Eagle Is Predictably Breathtaking; h/t Kotaku.com


  • This is beautiful. As I am watching it, I keep thinking of questions and thoughts I could ask the students to journal about, discuss in small groups or as a whole class. Some include: first thought, why would someone put a camera on an eagle, what does this remind you of, etc. What are some other points of discussion that would not only having the students journaling but engaged in deep thoughts?

    • Great question. What kind of video game would this perspective lend itself well to? What poem could this video be “mashed” with to create something compelling? How does the music impact the mood of the video? What other music could be added, and to what effect? Why does the average Justin Beiber song have two hundred and fifty million more views than this video?

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