An Infographic That Summarizes Twitter For Teachers


We’ve got a guide to twitter hashtags for education that helps aggregate some of the must-know twitter tidbits. And of course, cybraryman has especially useful twitter resources as well.

But there is something approachable about the following infographic from USC Rossier School of Education that makes it the kind of thing you might send to that colleague of yours that says twitter is a waste of their time, but you can tell is really just a bit intimidated.

So until public opinion turns and research emerges that says twitter really is indeed a waste of your time, the following infographic may be worth a pin.

Or a print, so you can slide it right under that stubborn colleague’s door or stick it under their windshield wiper.



An Infographic That Summarizes Twitter For Teachers

  • Alice Keeler

    Thanks for the tips, but this is not an infographic, it is a nicely organized table.