Share Your Classroom With The World


old-shoe-womanTake A Classroom Selfie & Share It With Us

We want to see inside your classroom. Not necessarily an image with your face in it. You probably have a lovely face, but we want to see the classroom itself. If your face is part of it and you love your face, send away.

It may be dirty. (The classroom, that is.)

It may need paint. It can be rural, inner-city, suburban, well-funded, or funded-by-half-price-books. It doesn’t matter. The photo may be taken with your phone–that’s okay, just make sure it’s well-lighted.

It may not impress anyone. That’s okay, too. This is a selfie culture, and your classroom hasn’t been shared a single time with your global PLN.

Let’s change that.

Bonus points if student work, artifacts, etc., are visible–or even the focus. More bonus points for originality.

Email us, tweet @teachthought, or find us elsewhere on social media. (Buttons are on the right of the page.)

Note, if you send it to us, that means we can use it in a post or on social media so other teachers can see inside it too. That means make sure you either don’t include student faces, or have permission from them to do so.

Most interesting picture (notice we didn’t say “cutting edge,” though that could make it compelling too–share what you’ve got!) gets its own “Classroom of the Week” post, and the intense self-satisfaction such a coveted award brings.

Image attribution flickr user oldwomanshoe

  • norma j hill

    Just make sure that you have permission from any parents/guardians whose children are shown in the photo (even back views) and that you blur names on any children’s work… let’s protect kids (and parents) from potential kidnappers, stalkers, etc., etc.!

  • Teresa McNamara

    I’d really like to send a photo but we’re not back at school now till Tuesday April 22. How long have we got?

    • terryheick