18 Astronomy Apps For Learning From edshelf

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18 Astronomy Apps For Learning From edshelf

What better way to encourage STEM learning than by tapping into a child’s fascination with outer space? From the Mars Curiosity Rover to the behavior of water in zero gravity, space exploration has always widened many eyes.

South Carolina math and engineering teacher Chris Beyerle curates the following list of iOS apps for studying aerospace, outer space, our planet, other planets, and the stars above us. It includes apps for exploring aerodynamics, airplane flight patterns, gravity, space walking, constellations, and more.

What tools do you use for studying space?

18 Apps for Studying Aerospace, Outer Space, Planets, and Stars From edshelf

NOTE: Chris has added more tools to this collection since this article was published. The latest tools are reflected below.

Image attribution flickr user NASA Goddard Photo and Video; 18 Astronomy Apps For Learning From edshelf