Internet Safety Cheat Sheet For Digital Media Use In Schools


Digital media use is exploding in education.

Unfortunately, internet safety is something many teachers–and worse, students-take for granted. While many teachers–and librarians–are concerned with breaking copyright laws, controlling digital media use is often an afterthought.

Or worse, so heavily scrutinized that district filters kill any authentic access at all.

But as our libraries gradually become virtual spaces, and our media becomes digital, controlling digital media use is going to become increasingly relevant.

Which makes Jen Gordon’s–from the aptly-named–inforgraphic below on netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Google, and Apple hardware so relevant for you.

Unless your district has already taken this burden off your shoulders. In that case, you can wad this one up and toss it.

  • Paul Walsh

    We would love you to review our iPad browser, DNS service and browser addons – all free for families and schools. So I don’t mind bringing them to your attention like this.

  • Facebook User

    This is an amazing resource! I just mentored my Godson on his Senior Project for high school. He developed a Technology Bootcamp (through the eyes of a teenager) to help parents get a better grip on their kids’ media usage. Like the cheat sheet, he keeps it non-techy. Thought I would share this amazing resource. His website is