The Latest Math Apps: 15 Algebra 1 Tools From edshelf



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Trapper Hallam is a math teacher at Eisenhower High School that integrates technology seamlessly into his classroom. Among the websites and mobile apps that he recommends for Algebra 1 are: Desmos (a powerful, free online calculator), GridMaths (free online “grid paper” for mathematical calculations), Algebra Genie (a paid instructional course delivered via mobile apps), Math Formulas (a paid iPhone & iPad app for referencing math formulas), and MindMup (a free mind-mapping website for recording visual notes).

What tools do you use for teaching and studying for algebra 1?

The Latest Math Apps: 15 Algebra 1 Tools From edshelf

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  1. scodav

    05/19/2013, 04:09 pm

    You’ve missed Dragon Box. It’s a game of balancing sides. It begins with monster icons which gradually turn into numbers as you advance through levels. The kids love it!

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