25 Top Concept-Mapping Tools For Learning


25 Top Concept-Mapping Tools For Learning

by TeachThought Staff

Concept-mapping–or mind-mapping, idea-mapping, or some other variation that makes sense to you–is the practice of demonstrating the relationship between ideas in a map-like form.

Concept-mapping allows creators to articulate nuance, context, and interdependence between ideas in a very user-centered way. This makes them especially useful in education, whether you use them for pre-writing, research notes, or “back-mapping” a unit or unit assessment. They encourage macro-thinking, can provide a bridge to struggling writers who have trouble turning their thinking into prose, and are a powerful tool for visual learning.

In short, a well-done concept-map communicates the full context and nuance of an idea cleanly and visually, which can lead to other more in-depth study, such as extended research, expository writing, Socratic discussions, and other “academic actions” and literacy strategies.

Which makes the following list of 25 top concept-mapping (er, mind-mapping) tools helpful for teachers and students alike.

25 Top Concept-Mapping Tools For Learning


  • GREAT list! There were a few I haven’t seen…must check them out. I would also add Inspiration Maps. The ability to switch to outline form and add notes is invaluable when using for writing. They also have a ton of templates to use.

  • Terry, This is a fantastic list. Thank you so much for posting. I was wondering have you ever looked into how Attention Deficit Disorder like me learn. I think a lot of people would be interested in that topic. I am because I know I learned differently. It would so helpful to know if there was software or apps that could help us ADD people. It’s just a thought. I very much enjoy it.
    Louise Quo Vadis

  • Great list. I think MagicalPad would be a nice fresh addition to your list. check it out. MagicalPad http://www.magicalpad.com/ is a great new app that I use. It combines mind mapping, outlining and visual note taking. It also adds tasks to the mix all in a free-form moving pieces around. it has a basic doodle tool and have iPad and Mac version with sync.​ Lot of flexibility for 1/10 of what you pay for older apps.

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