A Case Study In Gamification

Gamification is a trend that has gained momentum in industries from business to education. Often confused with game-based learning, gamification is simply the application of “game-like components”–also called “encouragement mechanics” to a non-game entity. Offering a credit card color based on spending limits, or virtual badges for checking-in via social media, are both examples of gamification.

Kate Fanelli, a math teacher, had an moment of inspiration while listening to a keynote speaking talk about gamification.

“(W)hen I heard the keynote speaker explain leveling, I immediately turned to my colleague and told him, ‘we can do that’. By the end of the keynote, I had drawn up an outline for MathLand.”

The article by Peter Ross talks through the decision to gamify her math classroom, how she did it, and the benefits she’s seen firsthand.

Source GoVentureOasis.com


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