The Elements Of A Digital Classroom

What are the components of a digital classroom? From eBooks to smartboards, iTunesU implementation to online learning, the classroom as we know it is changing.

It’s true that a digital classroom is a vague idea. And subjective–one educator’s cutting edge learning laboratory is the next educator’s been there, done that.

The following inforgraphic looks at some of the more common elements of a digital classroom, including:

  • eBooks
  • Book rental via Kindle
  • iPads
  • Open Source software
  • iTunesU
  • Digital cameras, projectors, and headphones

Feel free to storm the comments section below to fill in what’s missing.

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  • Why are tools for the “Digital Classroom” seen first and foremost as a method for delivering content? While there are some elements of the 4 “C”s of 21st century skills in this poster, it is a distictly backward-looking approach that doesn’t seem to be able to get beyond the concept of textbooks, whether printed or digitally distributed. Honestly, today’s digital educator needs to be far, far more ambitious.

    Cheers, — Phil

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