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TeachThought offers a variety of innovative and traditional promotional opportunities to increase the visibility and accessibility of apps, digital platforms, and various education and technology initiatives globally. If your product or service aligns with our core brand and audience needs, let’s work together.

TeachThought Visibility Options

TeachThought is an industry leader in teaching and learning. Our content combines timely thought leadership and learning models with accessible technology and resources teachers can grab and use tomorrow in the classroom.

TeachThought staff writers are experienced both in the classroom and working with the broader ecosystem of 21st-century learning agents. This experience adds to the utility of our content, while our general approach to content design makes TeachThought a powerful platform for a variety of visibility campaigns, from #edtech startups to traditional K-20 education organizations.

We have a variety of packages and options to bring visibility to your education-relevant brand or campaign. Contact us and we’d be happy to send you an up-to-date copy.

Editorial Guidelines–And A Note To Our Readers  

Considering our focus on educators, we use a native approach to visibility that focuses less on content-interrupters (such as ads), and more on useful and relevant content for teachers and education stakeholders. This approach encourages niche experts to tell their own story on the TeachThought platform, rather than having us tell it for you.

You can see an example of our sponsored content hereherehere, and here.

Our mission is to grow teachers in part through clarifying and actuating the potential of modern learning. In pursuit, all content produced on TeachThought must demonstrate industry-leading insight or immediate utility for practicing K-12 and university educators. We also cannot accept sponsorship for favorable reviews.

If it doesn’t meaningfully contribute to a global conversation about learning, it cannot be published regardless of sponsorship.

Please note that all sponsored content and promotion must clearly be marked as such, and imminently distinguishable from our native content. Also, TeachThought does not participate in ‘link insertion’ for SEO purposes.

Editorial Coverage

Note that 99%+ of content on TeachThought isn’t sponsored, and you are not required to ‘pay’ for coverage. If you’d like to submit an idea, product, or service for consideration for editorial coverage by TeachThought, please contact us directly and we will consider it in the context of our full editorial calendar.

You can also always email us to submit non-promotional content. We are very eager to publish teacher-written content, as well as thinking from developers, administrators, and thought leaders in education.