A Brief History Of Gamification In Education

At TeachThought, we’re big fans of gamification.

Through the application of game-like mechanics (XP, turns, leaderboards) to non-game entities (discussions, exams, project-based learning), learning nuance can be exposed (an idea we recently explored), results communicated, and various learner profiles and abilities honored.

It sounds incredible, but schools can learn a thing or two from such games.

One of our favorite progressive learning organizations (e.g., Edutopia and DML) is Knewton, who developed this excellent infographic that helps visualize (as infographics are wont to do) the history of gamification in learning.

No, gamification can’t rescue a poorly designed instructional sequence or drivel-filled curriculum. But done properly, it has tremendous potential, something we plan on looking more at in the near future.

Gamification of Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media; image attribution flickr user meddygarnet