A New Tool That Can Make Your Tweets Disappear


A New Tool That Can Make Your Tweets Disappear 

Disappearing tweets might not sound like fun the same way disappearing student illiteracy might, but if you could somehow make only certain tweets disappear at certain times–and only when you wanted them to–then it could invite you to use the social media juggernaut in a different way.

That’s the idea behind Sprint, an app that allows you to use hashtags to make your tweets self-destruct based on the hashtag you assign. While messages sent on twitter, by their nature, have very little endurance anyway, there may be times that you want them simply gone after they’ve served their purpose.

This not only reduces twitter-noise, but can also allow you to tweet messages you’d otherwise not want to hang around permanently. With Spirit enabled on your twitter account, you can compose a message, hashtag its impending death, and move on with your day.

Definitely opens up new possibilities for #hashtags in the classroom