Gifts Ideas For Boys Of Every Age Range

The Best Gift Ideas For Boys Of Every Age Range

contributed by Anne Davis

Your son brings you constant joy and you want to make him happy on his special day. Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, or a holiday, buying the perfect gift for your son can present challenges, especially for someone who seems to have everything.

Younger Children, 2-5 Years

You have the birthday party planned, and you’ve decided to host it at home and have a crafting party where the kids make their own slime or finger paint.

Now that you have that part out of the way, you must figure out what to get your little one. While gender differences tend to be exaggerated, it can be true that younger boys ages 2 to 5 enjoy various things. They tend to be interested in cars, dinosaurs, books, and buildings. They also love to go outdoors and search for bugs. Toys such as racetrack sets, colorful building blocks and a bug exploration kit are wonderful gifts your developing child will enjoy.

Boys Ages 6-12

Boys between the ages of 6 to 12 years like a wide range of activities and tend to enjoy things that keep them busy. If your child is interested in science, expand his collection from a magnifying glass to search for critters to a microscope where he can now actually examine them.

Or, get him his first telescope and let him explore space. Other boys love to stay active and are always on the move. Getting a gift that fulfills their needs, like bows and arrows, or a bike or an electric scooter, will bring a smile to their face.

Teenage Boys

When boys reach their teen years, they love to compete with other boys and show off their skills and talents. While video games and video game systems may dominate many teen wish lists, you can also help them sign up at school for various sports like basketball, softball or football. Buying them high-quality gear, including activewear and comfort briefs and equipment that they can use at home makes a fantastic gift.

Others in this age group are interested

in the arts and music. Purchasing an instrument like a guitar or a set of drums, or even an easel, paints and canvases, will allow your son to explore his interests and take them to the next level.


Once your son turns 18 the task of getting him something that he really wants seems nearly impossible. Now that your child is graduating from school and ready to head off to college, a cell phone of their own is not a luxury; it’s essential for your peace of mind. You can add one on for much less than you might imagine, and many companies allow you to make small monthly payments.

If they already have a phone, chipping in for a used car or helping them detail it or getting them the newest gaming system, is always something young men appreciate and enjoy. Other ideas? Plan a short (or long) trip together, or a membership to a club or organization.