While we continue to revise the forms and practices of education, the reality of access to education worldwide is actually quite impressive–and offers some interesting juxtapositions.

In Belgium, Norway, and Sweden 90% of the population is enrolled in education for 15+ years.

In Argentina, female enrollment in formal learning institutions is 10% higher than boys. In Saudi Arabia? Male enrollment is 19% higher than females.

For students aged 5-14, 90% of learners in OECD and G20 countries except India are enrolled.

Korea has the highest enrollment globally of “students” 2 and under at 31.6%. For 3-4 year-olds? France checks in at a staggering 100%. By 24 months, the French have seemingly had enough.

While there’s more to the story to each of these statistics, access to learning of some kind is incredible–and only improving with the progression of eLearning resources both formal and informal.

Access to Education Around the World

Infographic source onlineclasses.org