T-Shirts For Progressive Teachers: Wear Your Pedagogy

by TeachThought Staff

Being the critics of the unchecked Capitalism, greed, consumerism, and bad work that can ruin lives and manufacture grotesque social inequity that we are, the idea of selling any kind of widget at all seemed at best, clumsy, and at worst, wrong-headed.

But we launched our first campaign a few months ago and it went relatively well; But more critically, we heard personally from several teachers how proud they were to wear the shirts–one explained that they were able to “wear their pedagogy,” and their beliefs about teaching and learning. And that was cool.

Further, we realize that we live in a world where anyone can create anything. This is how people make a living, and how businesses survive. One projects funds another. A successful t-shirt campaign today can become a curriculum project tomorrow.

So we’re going to push past our initial ‘alpha’ design into more of a ‘beta’ of what TeachThought Apparel might begin to look like. We’re essentially trying out approaches to see what you want to wear. Our guiding questions?

  1. How can a t-shirt promote progressive pedagogy?’
  2. How can we use t-shirts to help teachers express their beliefs about education?
  3. How can apparel make pedagogy cool?

The above is our ‘beta’ version of this idea. As we collect more data (i.e., see what you buy and what you don’t), we’ll try some other ideas we have as well. Have an idea? Let us know. If we use the idea, we’ll send you the shirt for free.

You can find the shirts over at teespring. We’ll be introducing each one individually here as well. If they do well, we’ll do something a bit more ambitious. If you hate them, we’ll keep moving. 🙂

T-Shirts For Progressive Teachers: Wear Your Pedagogy