Webinar Replay: Teacher Mental Health In The Elementary Classroom

webinar on teacher mental health

Teacher Mental Health In The Elementary Classroom

You can find the webinar replay here. : )

All registered participants will be able to view a recording of the presentation being done this week.

Title: Teacher Mental Health: Proactive Remedies For The Elementary Classroom Teacher

Date: April 14 at 9 a.m. Eastern US

Presenter: Donald Perras, Ph.D

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: Free

Topics: Teacher mental health manifestations, internal and external mental health factors, school-based stressors, and more.

About Donald Perras

Don Perras, Ph.D. offers a combination of strategies–his Ecological Model–to allow teachers, by maximizing their own personal resources, to help students realize their true academic potential and social-emotional talents. He’s assisted educators in a wide variety of schools and organizations; he can quickly analyze your school’s classroom management needs and develop an effective training plan tailored to address them.

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