10 Conditions For Achieving Success With Blended Learning

What Are The Conditions For Achieving Success With Blended Learning?

The definition of blended learning is the “integrat(ion) of online with traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner.”

Put another way, it is the “blending” of in-person and technology-based learning experiences, often resulting in a “flipped classroom” scenario, where the learners are introduced to new content by the technology, and use classroom time to address misunderstandings and remediate instruction.

The following infographic from Digital Learning Now! offers a similar definition of their own, but additionally offers up the idea of conditions for success with blended learning. These factors include superintendent leadership, administrator support, budget capacity, and staff training.

The significant takeaway from this look at blended learning is likely the idea that blended learning in and of itself is insufficient. As with any tool, trend, or other change in education, it requires a deft hand to create authentic interdependence with other pieces. For better or for worse, public education is a machine, and a change in moving parts here requires equally meaningful and intentional changes there.

achieving success with blended learning

10 Conditions For Achieving Success With Blended Learning