25 Resources For Social Emotional Learning

1. What is emotional intelligence? by TeachThought

2. Getting Parents’ Feedback Early Helps Teachers All Year


4. The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

5. Social Skills Worksheets

6. 5 iPad Apps For Social And Emotional Learning

7. The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 141 Using SEL to Manage Emotions, Set Boundaries, And Empower Vs. Protect Kids

8. 5 Strategies For Incorporating Social Emotional Learning Into Your Classroom

9. 18 Coping Skills for children and teens

10. The Ruler Approach by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

The following social emotional resources were recommended by Tom Vander Ark over at gettingsmart.com. Tom explained that “CASEL has reviewed hundreds of programs and tools to develop the following recommended list:

  1. 4Rs
  2. Caring School Community
  3. Competent Kids, Caring Communities
  4. I Can Problem Solve
  5. The Incredible Years Series
  6. Michigan Model for Health
  7. Open Circle
  8. PATHS
  9. Positive Action
  10. Raising Healthy Children
  11. Resolving Conflict Creatively Program
  12. Responsive Classroom
  13. RULER Approach
  14. Second Step
  15. Tribes Learning Communities
  16. Casel.org