34 Diverse Blended Learning Apps For iPad

by TeachThought Staff

Blended learning is a potentially powerful way of mixing the power of asynchronous access with face-to-face facilitation and instruction.

It’s this mixing of old and new that makes it tempting for many schools and districts wanting to dip their toes in the water of eLearning and far-reaching technology access while still depending on the expertise and training of human teachers.

But it’s this combination–and subsequent flexibility–that also makes it a challenge to setup. There is the matter of aligning operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.), available bandwidth, technology access, learning management systems, apps, hardware, and more.

The following blended learning apps for iPad (most, but not all are available on Android as well) are a purposefully diverse bunch, including Whiteboard apps, mirroring apps, learning management systems, screen capture software, and video creation tools for teachers and students, all to help jumpstart your move to a blended learning–and mobile learning–classroom.

We even included a sock puppet app, because we like sock puppets.

And you never know.

34 Diverse Blended Learning Apps For iPad