6 Elements Of Play: The Spectrum Of A Relaxed Mind

by TeachThought Staff

The role of play in learning is a complex thing, in part because it is easily misunderstood as ‘playing is learning.’

While that’s certainly true, there is also a role for play in formal learning experiences as well. As self-directed learning becomes more possible and more potent in the 21st century, the idea of one learner riffing casually off another is increasingly accessible.

So the chart below from thestrong.org is not only well-timed, but apt in this context. It identifies the elements of play, including anticipation, understanding, and poise, and then helpfully offers characteristics of play as well, all excellent indicators of a relaxed and innovative mind comfortable with its surroundings, and in-tune with a local context.

In identifying these elements, it actually function as a kind of spectrum, where anticipation can lead to full-on wonderment, surprise can lead to astonishment, and so on.


6 Elements Of Play: The Spectrum Of A Relaxed Mind