An Administrator’s Guide To Selecting Blending Learning Tools [Infographic]


Selecting Blending Learning Tools: An Administrator’s Guide

Selecting the right eLearning platform, learning management system, or related digital content for your classroom–or even your school, district, or university–cannot be a case of monkey see, monkey do.

What works there, may not be the best fit here.

So Education Elements has reminded us of 3 simple steps that can be used as a kind of framework for selecting blended learning tools, or even an eLearning platform or related learning management system.

1. Define: understand the need and context

2. Research: look closely at the features–and missing features–of the software, especially as they relate to step 1

3. Explore: prioritize your needs and schedule trials and demos to be certain you’re getting what students and teachers need

The difference between Compass Learning and Edison Learning may not be reducible to cost, licensing, or data reports. Without considering all of the moving parts in a learning environment–teachers, data teams, literacy rates, and so on–it’s difficult to do much more than read the back of the box and make a call.

Infographic source Education Elements