How Many Hours Does It Take To Become An Expert?


How Many Hours Does It Take To Become An Expert?

by TeachThought Staff

How many hours it takes to become an expert depends on what you’re studying, and how you define the word ‘expert.’ That being said, there are some patterns.

The following infographic calculated hours “based on the time needed to achieve a certificate, bachelors, doctorate, or Ph.D. in the respective fields within the confine of a 40-hour workweek.” (Though truth be told, the infographic itself didn’t calculate anything.)

Now, there is a pretty big difference between a bachelor’s and a Ph.D., but the theme is interesting enough: expertise is less about intelligence and more about persistence.

The results appear below, ranging from celebrity gossip expertise (proof that humanity itself has jumped the shark), to a lifetime of work for neurosurgery. And who knew knitting was sew complex?

1. Neurosurgery: 42,240

2. Astrophysics: 26,880 hours

3. Economics: 26,880

4. Science Fiction: 19,200

5. Computer Programming: 15,360

6. Culinary Arts: 13,440

7. Litigation: 13,440

8. Sports: 9600

9. Poker: 7680

10. Knitting: 5760

11. Yoga: 700

12. Celebrity Gossip: 320


Image attribution Udemy