What Challenge-Based Learning Looks Like In The Real World

decision-theater-arizona-stateI recently stumbled upon this idea of “decision theater,” a spectacular merging of technology, collaboration, and challenge-based learning. The goal of the Arizona State-based program is to “enable action through knowledge-based decision processes,” and this is interesting (to you and I) for a variety of reasons:

1. The structured interaction between “decision-makers” and technology

2. The combination of digital media

3. The focus on making data visual

4. The focused collaboration

5. The modeling of a challenge-based learning approach

The latter is my primary reason for sharing–the chance to show what technology-based, challenge-based learning look like when married together in the real world. Or a highly-funded university, anyway.

The question to you is, what would this look like in your classroom? Would love to hear your thinking in the comments below.

YouTube video

Image attribution Arizona Boards of Regents and flickr user decisontheater; What Real Life Challenge-Based Learning Looks Like

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