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What Motivates People? 8 Things That Drive Human Behavior

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What Motivates People? 8 Things That Drive Human Behavior

by TeachThought Staff

When discussing how the brain is “wired,” the references usually involve violence, greed, and self-interest.

Jeremy Rikfin offers a different perspective in this RSA Animation Lecture where he offers a more primal characteristic of our humanity: the need to belong.

In outlining this theory, he provides 4 fundamental human needs that:

4 Primary Human Drives

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  1. Sociability
  2. Attachment
  3. Affection
  4. Companionship

These needs align very neatly with what connectivity, social learning, and even pop social media platforms provide. This would imply that the need to selfie, like, and check-in, align yourself with certain brands, and other tech-habits may not be so much the result of weakness and addiction, but rather a serendipitous alignment between the way you’re wired and the talent of prevailing technology.

In the video, Rifkin focuses on the idea of empathy–examples, what it means, etc.–and finishes his talk offering another theory about what happens when these needs to connect, relate to, and belong are repressed. That is, when the primary drives fails, the following drives take over.

4 Secondary Human Drives

  1. Narcissism
  2. Materialism
  3. Violence
  4. Aggression

What Motivates People? 8 Drives Of Human Behavior; What Happens When We Don’t Connect; adapted image attribution flickr user flickeringbrad