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13 iPad Apps That Promote Close-Reading

by Terry Heick

Close-reading is the product of a dynamic and deeply personal interaction between the reader and a text. It is an active process characterized by questioning, adjusting reading rate, judgement thinking, and dozens of other “strategies” readers use to make sense of what they’re reading.

This is an interaction that doesn’t require technology, but can be changed by it. It is a matter of fluency, strategy, and will. Two of these are easier to promote in students than the third (we’ll let you guess which are which).

And if we’re going to start this conversation (monologue?) from a position of full transparency, technology isn’t at all necessary for close reading. In fact, some might (effectively) argue that it’s counter-productive there. There is so much potential to do anything but sit and roll around in a text that it can make using an iPad for reading seem like using a sharp pocketknife for a fork.

But the other side of that argument is that, well applied, technology offers additional tools–and possibility–for readers, and to promote close reading of a text. (Something we discuss here in “Trying To Understand How Technology Changes Reading.”)

13 iPad Apps That Promote Close-Reading

13 iPad Apps That Promote Close-Reading