7 Tips For Parents Of Struggling Readers

7 Tips For Parents Of Struggling Readers

Literacy starts and ends at home.

Teachers instruct, support, promote, and provide, but if the bulk of the reading and writing isn’t done at home for authentic purposes and self-directed recreation, it will always be a matter of academic proficiency.

Which is like food being a matter of USDA ratings and health inspections.

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Unfortunately, supporting that development of strong literacy skills for struggling readers and writers is often a matter of training, experience, and expertise–something many families lack.

The following infographic from the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota offers 7 tips for the parents of struggling readers, conveniently structured around the apt acronym READING.

Makes for useful source material that, combined with a few tips of your own, could be sent him a couple of times per year to support those parents looking for strategies and advice.


7 Tips For Parents Of Struggling Readers

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