12 Reading And Writing Resources For All Teachers

The teaching of reading and writing has long been viewed as the “job” of English teachers, though success across content areas depends heavily on reading and writing fluency.

One of the stronger messages of the K-12 Common Core academic standards is that the “burden” of literacy should be spread across content areas–that teaching reading and writing can no longer be limited to a single class.

This means your average STEM teacher–and social studies, geography, art, and even music are now being asked to teach a content area they have little to no formal training in. This puts districts scrambling  to offer professional development, and literacy coaches everywhere on the clock to come up with resources that work.

Below is an excellent resource from the Greek County School District in New York that can function as an excellent starting point as a general reading and writing resource. Our suggestion? Copy this, hole-punch it, and place it in a separate writing binder resource for all content area teachers, and perhaps even into writing journals as reference sheets for students.

Though it’s more suited for grades 6-12 for students, elementary teachers can find plenty of utility here, especially the Greek and Latin Roots, as well as the homonyms. And for the low, low price of free we all win.

12 Must-Have Reading And Writing Resources For All Teachers

  1. Writing Rubric
  2. Writing Process Graphic Organizer
  3. Outlining
  4. Paragraph Structure
  5. Sentence Patterns
  6. Revision Tips
  7. Greek and Latin Roots
  8. Transitions
  9. Basic Grammar
  10. Punctuation
  11. Editing Symbols
  12. MLA Citation

Writing Skills and Strategies

12 Must-Have Reading And Writing Resources For All Teachers; Image attribution flickr user josekevo