definition-of-alliterationBlackalicious Offers A Dizzing Definition Of Alliteration

by TeachThought Staff

Alliteration is the repetition of the same sound at the beginning of a sequence of words. As a literary device, we all learned about it in elementary school. Sally and her seashells, Peter and his peppers.

But the video below really awakens the alliterative beast dwelling in all of us tempted to torture terms and titles until they tango. (Editor’s note: Ugh.)

In the song, California-raised rap duo Blackalicious puts the wily tool to wonderful effect, which in turn convinced Harry Potter to do the same recently on Jimmy Fallon, which is also pretty amazing. Both versions can be seen below.

Blackalicious’ original is clean other than the use of the n word when it gets to that letter. Radcliffe’s–err, Potter’s version is free of any naughty bits.

So, alliteration + Blackalicious + Harry Potter.

We all win.

Blackalicious Offers A Dizzying Definition Of Alliteration