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A Better Way To Grade All Of Those On-Demand Essays

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No matter how progressive you get in your teaching, grading papers–somewhere, somehow–is a part of what you do.

Even non-ELA/Literature/Composition teachers are now expected to carry the burden of promoting literacy by helping students consistently write across all content areas. (I’m looking at you, math teachers.)

So then, a new, faster, simpler way to grade papers makes sense–something like paper grading bingo from thenewforty.areavoices.com.

Something that factors in all of the real-world issues a teacher is likely to see on a daily basis.

Something that allows for personalized grading of writing.

Something authentic, gamified, and capable of grading all 120 on-demand essays during the 15 minute portion of your planning period that doesn’t get interrupted. So here you go, from girlsguidetogradschool.

Laugh so you don’t cry.

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